2018 Powder Puff Tournament

2018 Powder Puff Rules and Registration

The Powder Puff Tournament will be held July 21 28, 2018.

Due to weather, the Powder Puff has been moved to July 28, 2018

Pl. Boat Angler Species Weight
1Boatre DameColleen TaylorKing Salmon21.80
2Killing TimeJessica NewmanLake Trout16.20
3Roll Me AwayMeagan NowkaLake Trout12.45
4Color BlindEmilly BrownLake Trout12.40
5Killing TimeCarolyn NewmanLake Trout9.20
6Color BlindAmanda BrownLake Trout9.05
7UntamedTina JenkinsonLake Trout8.50
8Quick StartJill WakeSteelhead Trout8.40
9Killing TimeKatie EatonCoho Salmon7.45
10Roll Me AwayTamara NowkaLake Trout6.10
11YetiKirstin SchamonskiCoho Salmon6.05
12Boatre DamePatti FarthingCoho Salmon6.00
13Boatre DameKaela CrozierCoho Salmon5.10
14YetiSolveig SchamonskiCoho Salmon4.80
15YetiMaria FalatoviscCoho Salmon4.50
16Boatre DameBeth TaylorCoho Salmon4.00
17Quick StartLyndsey HackCoho Salmon3.70
18UntamedBel TaylorNA0.00
19UntamedChristie SpencerNA0.00
20Roll Me AwayJessica NowkaNA0.00
21Roll Me AwayBeth HaringtonNA0.00
22 CrorkindillPatti LedetNA0.00
23CrockindillAllie LedetNA0.00
24CrockindillStaci LedetNA0.00
25Geek SquadMelissa VreeNA0.00
26Geek SquadHannah GrossNA0.00