It is the mission of the Hoosier Coho Club to promote, preserve, and encourage wise management of anadromous fish (fish ascending streams and rivers to spawn) wherever they may be. Further goals of the Club are to encourage strict observance of sport fishing laws and practices while denouncing all persons known to be in violation or these laws and practices. The membership encourages research and development programs related to our sport. The club also serves as a source of collecting and dispersing information regarding tackle, fishing techniques, laws, legislations, pollution problems, disease, meetings research, and all other pertinent information related to anadromous fish.

Hoosier Coho Club
P.O. Box 352
Michigan City, Indiana 46361

Club meetings are held on the second Wednesday of each month March through June and September through November. There are no regularly scheduled club meetings in the months of January, February, July, August, and December. The general public is always invited and welcome to attend any regularly scheduled club meetings. The Board of Directors meet each month there is a regularly scheduled meeting at 6:00 PM. Regular Club Meetings are at 7:00 PM. The Club meets at the American Legion Skwiat Post whose addres is 121 Skwiat Legion Avenue, Michigan City, IN.

The Hoosier Coho Club is dedicated to the preservation and and conservation of Lake Michigan Sport Fishing. The Smolts Division was created to encourage and promote youth particiaption in club activities. Youth members are covered within the Hoosier Coho Club’s liability insurance at all club functions. Membership in the Smolts is free to all interested persons between the ages of 13 – 18. The application must be signed by a parent or legal guardian if the member is under the age of 18.